When you’ve got an important event coming up that requires a little extra glamour, it’s never too early to start making some small changes that will have a big impact when the big day arrives.  Here are some beauty tips to get you red carpet ready!

Pamper your skin

Your skin is the starting point for your makeup – and the better condition it’s in, the better your makeup will look on the day.

Whatever your age or skin-type: use products designed for YOUR skin.  Exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin, moisturise morning and night and always use sun protection.

If you’re in any doubt about what’s best for your skin, or you have any conditions that need some extra tlc, seek professional advice.

It’s not all about the neck up 

Even if you haven’t found the perfect outfit yet, you’ve already got one key accessory – your skin!  From your head to your toes, healthy, glowing skin will make any clothing look better.  

Exfoliate and moisturise regularly.  This can be as simple as using a body scrub in the shower a couple of times a week and making sure you’re slipping on some body lotion on before you get dressed.

Book the professionals

If you need some help in some areas, line up any appointments that you’ll need.  The best nail technicians, spray tanners and beauty therapists get booked up early – particularly in busy periods like Christmas and wedding or prom season.  

Beauty professionals will be able to advise you on the timing of your services too.  For example you won’t be able to get your waxing done at the same time as a spray tan; but you could have your nails Shellac’d and then your tan straight afterwards.

If you’re local to us we can help you with some of these treatments: check out our beauty page for more information.

Don’t forget to book in hair colour treatments so that your colour will be looking fresh and root-free for your event.  If you’re thinking of making a dramatic change – like from dark to light blonde – bear in mind that some things can’t be done in one session.

Trial new things

Curious about eyelash extensions?  Never tried a spray tan?  Give anything new or that you’re not sure about a trial run before your big event to see how you like it.  I especially recommend this for brides.

Beauty brands and therapists are not created equal.  Ask friends for recommendations and look at reviews.  One horrific spray tan experience doesn’t mean that they can’t work for you.

If your skin is sensitive, don’t try new skincare or makeup products in the two weeks leading up to your event.  This will give your skin time to settle if anything causes a reaction.

Pinterest is your friend

Create a board of looks you like to show your makeup artist and hair stylist.  If you’re not quite sure, even photos of things you really DON’T like can be helpful.  You may find inspiration on our Pinterest.

Give yourself time

Whether it’s your wedding day and the car’s coming at 11am – or a party and you’re getting picked up at 8pm – give yourself time to get ready.  Perhaps you need to book the afternoon off work, or get the babysitter to come a little earlier.  

If you’re getting your hair and makeup done, give yourself a couple of hours, not forgetting the time it’ll take you to get dressed and add finishing touches such as jewellery, and perhaps even a glass of something bubbly!

Lee O’D Makeup & Hair can take care of all your big event beauty needs both in the run-up and on the day itself.  Let’s talk! 

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